Our Mission

The CRAIC (Conseil Régional des Personness Âgées Italo-Canadiennes) is a non-profit organization serving primarily our seniors of Italian origin in the greater Montreal area to improve the quality of life by providing support and a vast variety of services and activities in order to enhance their physical and intellectual autonomy and to break the cycle of social exclusion.

Since 1974, the CRAIC offers a vast array of services dedicated to our seniors to break the cycle of social exclusion. The CRAIC overseas and provides support to our Golden Age Clubs for thousands of members throughout the Greater Montreal region.

Our organization is open to people 55 years of age and over, our focus is seniors over the age of 80. As a result, we provide services related to home support, including, Midi-Express meals-on-wheels, the Bonjour CRAIC friendship line, and transportation and assistance. Our goal is to provide physical and moral support to our elders with decreasing autonomy by enabling them to continue living at home in comfortable living conditions. Our home support services also provide relief to family members or friends that have the responsibility of taking care of our seniors. These concrete measures are aimed at supporting the most disadvantaged groups and demonstrate our commitment to respond to the needs of seniors.

Based in almost all boroughs of Greater Montreal, our members become important social actors in their communities. This is a considerable achievement for a non-profit community organization with modest means. Many of our services are offered free of charge or at prices below actual cost. CRAIC is the only organization in the Italian community that offers a range of services meeting the most essential needs of seniors and the most disadvantaged members of the community.