Our Golden Age Clubs

Over the years, a network of Golden Age Clubs was created to meet the needs of Italian Canadian seniors. Every Club is made up of a president and board of directors or committee that fall directly under CRAIC. Our Golden Age Clubs are located throughout Greater Montreal, particularly in areas with a higher concentration of Italian Canadians.
Each club has its own premises, where members can reunite and participate in club social activities (bingo, danse, suppers, traditional feasts, conferences, sports tournaments such bocci etc etc) always with the objective of breaking social isolation. Thanks to the Golden Age Clubs network, CRAIC has built a spirit of solidarity among its members. The network has made it possible for seniors and their families to receive transportation assistance for people with reduced autonomy. Rather than being alone our seniors can come to their club and enjoy the company of their peers by participating in various activities or just content with socializing.
The committee of each Club can create its own programmes, cultural, recreational, sports and charity events, provided they align with CRAIC’s general mission. Our Clubs also participate in the collective activities organized by their parent organization, CRAIC. In addition, CRAIC represents its Clubs and members when negotiating with various levels of governmental institutions.
To be established, a Club must have a minimum of 25 members who must pay an annual nominal fee for a membership card, which includes CRAIC membership fees. Together with municipal governments, CRAIC takes care of finding the location most convenient for the club. CRAIC is also responsible for producing the documents necessary for the space’s allocation.